Esther Buchanan

Hair Stylist & Co-owner of Pomegranate Salon

Esther Buchanon santa rosa beauty salon

Esther’s love for hair and beauty started a little later in life for her, as her passion for the beauty of quality show horses shifted into shaping and styling “lovely ladies”. The completion of her education at Oceanside College of Beauty in 1995 took her back to her homeland: Sonoma County.

After an initial internship and advanced training at La Coupe Sauvage salon, here in Santa Rosa, Esther celebrated a true dream of owning her own salon, co-founding and opening the Pomegranate Salon in 1999.

Her constant endeavor to stay informed of the best latest styles, cut and coloring techniques, or new products all keeps her on her toes, with New York workshops and L.A. fun…

Perhaps, most of all, Esther’s clients at Pomegranate Salon are truly the ones who motivate and inspire her to always achieve more, not just with “Hair and Beauty”, but with life itself!

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